Freelander_Challenge_Affordable_Fun The affordable rally alternative  

The Cars

The new regulations defining vehicle specifications for 2016 are now available HERE

The whole purpose of the Freelander Challenge is to keep costs to a minimum. as such in this page we will simply give an overview to the minimum modifications.

First of all you should know that any Freelander is eligible, however there are weight penalties depending on the model and engine size used. The weight penalty has been been calculated using the FIA’s formula and is designed to keep the playing field even.

  • Over 2000cc minimum weight is 1600kg
  • 1800cc minimum weight 1350kg
Your engine should be kept standard with the exception of airfilters and exhausts. As part of keeping things fair in the rules of the Challenge every competitor has the right to use anthers ECU!! 

Some other requirements

  • An FIA approved roll cage is mandatory and we recommended the ‘Safety Devices’ cage as this has full FIA approval. This is a 6 point bolt in cage, perfect to swap to your next shell.
  • Seats – FIA standard - note that these do not have to be in date unless you want to do Stage Rallies.
  • Seatbelts – FIA std - note that these do not have to be in date unless you want to do Stage Rallies.
  • FIA Approved HANS compatible helmet
  • Fire Extinguisher 2.4l AFFF
  • Spill Kit
  • SOS ‘OK’ board
  • Towrope
  • 4mm Rubber Mudflaps (rocks can fly…)

The RAVENOL BRITPART Freelander seen at Pikes Peak

Other options some (but not all) of the cars  use;

Tyres - We welcome Toyo Tyres as official tyre supplier to the Freelander Challenge. Call Selwyn or Chris on the number below for prices and availability. 

Shocks - these events are pretty rough. Standard shocks are used by most competitors however if your budget allows it we do suggest to upgrade these. Britpart can supply an upgraded OEM component at a reasonable price, but in reality the best solution would be a full upgrade to a competition suspension but this will be very expensive and really no one has gone this far.

Underbody Protection - Freelanders have bashplates as standard but you will be getting air and scraping rocks. Eventually this will not be up to scratch and should be upgraded. You are free to use any design you like and can build you own. Alternatively we can supply these ready made at reasonable prices.

The above modifications are what we suggest, however as with all race cars there are still lots of things you may like to do. Please call Selwyn or Chris on the numbers below to discuss anything else you may want to do so that we can be sure it is allowed under the rules.

You will also need fuel for the event (40l will normally be enough) and tyres, unless you puncture them they should last multiple events, everyone elses do.

No time to build your own car? Not a problem, we can arrange to have the car of your choice professionally prepared to the specification you require at a reasonable price.

Not sure about servicing at events? - no problem. Chris Ratter fromXceed Motorsport will be offering a service facility at all events in 2016 at competitive rates.

For friendly expert advice call:
Selwyn Kendrick: Tel: 07768 232696

Chris Ratter:          Tel: 01565 722806
Brian Chase:        Tel: 01686 650912

We also have a small selection of ready to race cars available to varying specifications, contact Chris Ratter at Xceed Motorsport

Ravenol_oil Britpart_Land_Rover

Grateful thanks to our resident photographer Gary @Songasport for the photos.